FreeMind .. Open YOURS MIND


Creator of Alternative Reality based on technology and fundamental truth and human rights.

I started create NFT for people who want to see the world from a different perspective. One of my first jobs was HUNGER Collection, It has not been published anywhere. I decided to publish it due to the ignorance of other people's problems in the world.. My job is not profit or earning. I want to share my open mind and observations. If You Purchase my NFT it will be extra happiness for me. I invite you to my world..

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."

Why do I register my Art Works?

There are many things on the internet, I wish that each of my NFT works would be a part of me that I pass on to you. That's why I never charge for additional certification..

When do new works appear? Where to look for them?

I create works often, but I don't publish all of them. Most often you will find new NFTs in the OpenSea gallery -